One reel or one-thousand reels-we’re here to save the day.

  • Any type of film, video and audio tape
  • Convert to DVD, CD or any digital media format
  • Improve picture and sound quality with digital re-mastering
  • Reduce or eliminate tape hiss and unwanted noises
  • We bake and transfer recording studio archives

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Why we do what we do:

Audiotape sticks together on its reel after just a few years of not being played, and can be stretched or even snapped during playback. The Tape Baker uses special ovens to bake these tapes, which prevents the tape from sticking during the digital conversion process.

Whether it’s The Beatles’ vault of precious masters, Dad playing the accordion, or Grandma singing into a cassette recorder, The Tape Baker is the expert you need to do your restoration.

Preserve those precious and fragile home movies and recordings before it's too late!