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  • Every order requires a 50% deposit and payment in full upon completion.
  • Orders are priced on a per-job basis.
  • Order details (tape sizes, quantity, etc.) may be conveyed by e-mail to [email protected], or by phone to 219.762.4681.
  • The Tape Baker accepts payment by check, money order, or paypal.
  • The Tape Baker will evaluate the condition of the tape upon receipt. In the event the tape condition is too poor for transfer, it will be returned to the customer. Deposit (minus return shipping costs) will be refunded.
  • The Tape Baker and it's employees cannot be held liable for the condition of any product delivered for transfer. After our evaluation, you will be notified as to whether or not The Tape Baker can proceed.
  • Tapes may be sent by mail to:

    The Tape Baker
    P.O. Box 404
    Portage, Indiana 46368

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